Rendez-vous 2008

Welcome to the Rendez-vous 2009 rally.

The sun has set on another edition of the Rendez-vous rally, Québecís only «mini-endurance» 12-hour rally (and the only 12-hour rally that gives the participants the option of adding an international border crossing (and preferably two) into the mix...).

On behalf of the entire organizing committee, I would like to applaud all the participants for putting in solid rides and thank them for making it a success.

The theme of this yearís rally was «Down on the farm», and it turned out to be one of those fall days that any farmer would love...not too hot, not too cool, a little rain and some sun.

Much to the Rallymasterís chagrin (no, not really...), Cameron Sanders from Ontario was the eventual winner of the beautiful, hand-carved, walnut and brass 1st place trophy... a real beaut, but not entirely unlike the other two he already has in his trophy case because he has won the rally for all three editions... but he earned it fair and square.

Next year may be different however as second place went to Peter Schaefer from Québec (his second time participating in the Rendez-vous rally) and third place went to Eben Gilkenson from Vermont in his rookie rally appearance, dropping not a single point at the scoring table and putting in a solid ride...

Click here to view the complete results.

Then there was Jennyfer Audet and Jacques Titolo, proudly displaying their new IBR credentials...they rode well but maybe didnít have the same mental focus or time to prepare as last year because they have been a little busy over the past couple of weeks...Jennyfer and Jacques graciously spoke to the gathered riders after the banquet about their IBR experience during an informal Q&A session.

Dennis Gilkenson has dropped his moniker of «Driverís License Gilkenson» and will now be known at future rallies as «Strip Club Gilkenson».

Showing the true grit and determination of an LD rider (even though this was his first rally), when Éric Richard came upon a bridge that was closed for repairs with a bonus location waiting just the other side, he rode his KLR650 through the shallow river rather than take the lengthy detour...

All in all, a good time was had by all... the weather cooperated more than last year, the food and service at our rally HQ was top notch and the post-ride camaraderie was ever-present.

The goal of the Rendez-vous rally is to introduce LD rallying to the uninitiated while still providing a playground for the «Big Dogs». In this sense, the organizing committee feels that this third edition was a complete triumph... and the fourth edition will be even better. Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 11th, 2010 (registration opens in May).

A huge thank you to all of our sponsors, including Evasion BMW, Firstgear, FAST Riding School, LD Comfort and Aerostich for making the Rendez-vous rally possible.

Ride safe.

Kevin Craft